2 people who happened to meet on the other side of the world, with a passion to create and exceed all set before them.

2015 is the year the magic happened. The first encounter between Alexander Mieszkowski & MC Dan James. That’s when two guys who happened to meet on the other side of the world came together & with their passion and creativity for fashion had decided to start Dan N’ Alex (DNA) Fashions Ltd. so that they could do something they both loved while offering their own views on fashion for modern working professionals who are looking for that timeless piece that is easily versatile, and incorporable into everyday wear; looking to break the moulds and have fun doing it! 


  • Several years experience working with Designers, Bespoke Tailors  perfecting workmanship, style, and quality.

  • Designers of their own personal formal wear suits, and clothing.

  • Continual requests from foreign and visiting celebrities for their personal made-to-measure suits.

Because of both their ideals, it was decided from the beginning that only the best workmanship and products would be sold under their names.The entire DNA Fashions Ltd. Clothing Brand is meticulously & intuitively designed to not only be stylish garments but also so versatile that they would could easily be interchangeable with other garments within their complete clothing line.

Each products within the Formal Wear Clothing Line can be used for not only formal events and day to day work, but can also be matched to compliment with garments from the Casual Clothing Wear Line for everyday running around or more social events.